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Traditional martial arts and self defence classes on the Central Coast. Our classes run Monday to Saturday in multiple locations across the Central Coast.

instructor theresa

Instructor Teresa - Tumbi Umbi

When : Tuesday 6-7pm
Where : Adelaide Street Oval, Tumbi Umbi
Instructor : Teresa Bouchet, 4th Dan Black Belt

Instructor Teresa began training Taekwondo in her late teens and has always focused on perfecting the technical aspect of the art. Teresa sets a very high standard for her students and has become a benchmark for other black belts in developing their own technical ability.

jinhwa taekwondo instructor erin

Instructor Erin - Terrigal

When : 6-7pm Wednesday
Where : 1 Duffys Rd Terrigal 2260
Instructor : Erin Ditterick, 4th Dan Black Belt

Instructor Erin is a 3rd dan blackbelt and has been training in taekwondo since she was a child.  Her classes focus on strength training, athleticism and perfect form. Students always enjoy Erins classes because of her bubbly friendly nature and her dedication to the art.

taekwondo instructor leigh

Instructor Leigh - Kincumber

When : Monday and Thursday 6-7pm
Where : 2 Tora Ave, Kincumber NSW 2251
Instructor : Leigh Bouchet, 5th Dan Black Belt

Instructor Leigh’s martial arts journey began in 1989 when the age of 6 he went to his first Taekwondo class. Taekwondo has been a big part of his life ever since, along with a few stints in other martial arts building a well-rounded style. Leigh brings a high level of enthusiasm to his classes and has a strong drive to get the best out of his students.

instructor clint

Instructor Clint - Gosford

When : Tuesday and Thursday 6-7pm
Where : Lot 2 Wattle St, East Gosford NSW
Instructor : Clint Callaghan, 3rd Dan Black Belt

Instructor Clint began training Taekwondo in his early teens and has always held a passion for the quick yet destructive style that can be attained with Taekwondo training. Heading to a class with Instructor Clint takes you into a no nonsense and practical training environment that develops well rounded martial artists.

jinhwa taekwondo instructor erin

Instructor Erin - Ourimbah

When : Wednesday 4-5pm
Saturday Morning - class time can vary by season. Please contact instructor Erin on 0404 381 150 to confirm start time.
Where : 8 Ourimbah Creek Rd, Ourimbah NSW
Instructor : Erin Ditterick, 4th Dan Black Belt

Instructor Erin’s introduction to Taekwondo came from her father who trained her up to black belt in her teenage years. Erin talks about how dad pushed her harder than anyone else in his class and gave a whole new meaning to the term ‘special treatment’. The result is a highly proficient martial artist who continually pushes herself to be better and trains her own students to become capable martial artists in their own right.

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